Friday, April 20, 2012

Ty turns 6.

Much to his delight Ty finally turned 6.  He didn't have school on his birthday. He had a great party with friends on his birthday. He had a bunch of friends from school and a few from church come to celebrate with him.  He had a crocodile party!!  He just had a great time celebrating his 6 years of life! 
Happy Birthday to Ty! Celebrating with all his friends.

We just love Ty in our family.  He brings a lot of comedy and joy to our family. 

Ask him to smile and I get this!

Here are 6 things we love about Ty:

1. He loves to talk.  Not that much of what he says makes does in his world and that is all that matters!

2.  When he runs he adds in a skip or two in just because that's the way he runs!

3.  He loves everything and anything about sharks!!  He has about 8 books floating in his bed that are about sharks or his other favorites crocodiles and dinosaurs!

4.  He loves Pokemon cards and is pretty much arranging them into piles, strengths, modes...all the time!!  Which means that Pokemon cards are all over the floor, in his bed, on the dresser, etc.

5.  He loves to play with his sister Lyla.  He is happy to have someone following him sometimes instead of being the followers to Andrew and Alli.

6.  He loves to say prayers and has been know to pray that "we wont be crazy banchies in the car on our way home from church" or "bless us that we will like dinner and eat it".

He is a fun loving kid and I just can't get enough of that little skipping, mohawk loving boy!

 Happy Birthday Ty!!


Melanie and Ernie said...

Awww...we love that Ty too!!! We are going to miss you guys so much.

cjdustin said...

I can't get enough of him either!